:: About Us ::

A.A.T. Restoration Group, Inc. has been a family owned and operated
business for over 35 years. We will make every effort to save the owners money
and complete your project on time. Quality is a constant goal and we believe that
our quality begins with our project managers whose consistent attention to detail
and careful documentation of all phases of the project provide the owner(s) with a
quality finished project. We also encourage weekly site meetings with the owner(s),
engineer and the contractor to enable the owner(s) to better understand the work
in progress, upcoming scheduling and various completion milestones. Our project
managers are backed up by a multi-talented work force that based on industry
standards, have a 20% to 25% higher pay rate than other workers in our industry.
As a family owned business, we encourage a sense of family in our work force,
which leads to their loyalty, dependability and over all teamwork. Based on our
schedule, we set production goals and have a bonus plan for the employees when
our goals are met. Weekly safety meetings are held on site and OSHA standards
are enforced on all projects.
William Turcotte - President
•   An extensive professional background which includes 40 years in project management and General Construction.
•   State Licensed - General Contractor and Roofing Contractor and Home Inspector.
•   Certified in Aerial Operation, PT Field Installation, Lead Renovation and Rigging & Suspended Scaffolding
•   A proven ability to carry out all aspects of project management including scheduling, procurement, estimating, site           
    supervision, and budget control.
•   Has a very interactive role with all projects and makes a point of visiting the job-sites periodically and is in constant  
    communication with the on-site Project Manager via daily phone calls.
•   In the event of an emergency, he is available for any of your needs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, as well as
•   Personally processes all payment draws and scheduling and has two full time assistants in the office to help expedite any
    project related documentation.
•   Has a meeting at least once per day with each project manager to discuss project updates.
•   Upon request, I will be happy to make myself available for any on-site meetings during the course of your project.

Lloyd Tuttle – Material & Supplies Runner/OSHA Certified Safety Monitor
•   Lloyd arrives at each job on a daily basis to meet with the project manager and pick up any equipment and/or supplies needed
   in order to continue production.
•   This eliminates the need to have the project manager leave the site and also enables a quick turnaround in regard to receiving
   any and all job supplies/materials needed in order to keep the project moving on schedule.

Project Managers
•   Project Manager Protocol states that they are the first to arrive and the last to leave.
•   On the job-site every day.  
•   Do not leave the job-site or the crew unattended for any reason.
•   Run all on-site activities.
•   Choose and train each crew leader.
•   Decides and coordinates with our crew leaders and which activities the crew will be doing on a daily basis.
•   Certified in Aerial Operation and Rigging & Suspended Scaffolding.
•   Committed to their projects and an asset to our company.

                                         Tony Turcotte                                       Joel Lovenberg
                                          • 35 years’ experience                            • 25 years’ experience

                                          William (Billy) Dunn                              Richard (Ricky) Douglass
                                          • 20 years’ experience                            • 10 years’ experience